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Welcome to Write and tell to Sell Master for Women!

Be unapologetically possessive and obsessive when it comes to claiming full ownership of your story

This Master Class is carefully designed to meet the needs of first-time writers. Our approach is very personal and sensitive to concerns like self-doubts, fear, procrastination, insecurities, writing blocks etc, that most first time writers have to deal with. Course structure and contents are based on many years of expertise, research and personal experiences of the course mastermind Beatrice Achaleke and her team. Beatrice is an accomplished writer with many years of global expertise as the public speaker, lecturer, and executive trainer.

The methodology of the GloBUNTU Master Class is that of the GloBUNTU Mindset System® developed over the years by Beatrice, which helps you as an emerging first-time writer to find your story, your special niche, and the self-confidence to make your story your unique selling proposition. As a student of our master class, you learn how to WRITE and TELL your story in a way that brings you and EXTRA INCOME while IMPACTING yourself and your audience. In this class you will learn how to write YOUR FIRST MASTERPIECE in just FOUR LEVELS as follows:

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Level one – Know yourself and your story – (6 hours)

The aim of this level is to find the writer in you, find your story, find the time, identify your sources of inspiration, show you how to stay motivated by turning you into the GloBUNTU Mindset of a successful transformational First Time Writer. Step by step you learn how to THINK, ACT and BE like a successful writer with the mission to transform. You learn not only how to stay in the writing flow BUT most of all what to do when writer’s blocks come knock at your door. In this level, you learn why it is important to write a book that will bring you extra money even when you are sleeping.

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Level two: Own your story (6 hours)

In this level we get down to real writing, from the first word to the last word, from the first chapter to the last chapter. The load of work here is mostly individual. However, interactive sessions will enable you to share their work, ask questions, share challenges, frustrations and get feedback and tips. You learn how to identify your target market, their specific needs and to write precisely to meet those needs. We show you where and how to find ideas and how to stay productive while building your confidence as a successful GloBUNTU First Time Writer with a mission to transform. You learn how to write straight into the heart of your target audience and to make them love you and your story that brings you great returns on your writing investment.

Level three – profits me and my story – (6 hours)

This level is all about taking you and your story to the market and making you the captain and manager of your book and the master of your faith. We get you ready to take your book to your audience. First, we help you find out what type of speaker you can become with your book. Then we train you on the act of “showtelling” your book on stage – the act of public speaking. Show you how to design your “speaker’s sheet in a way that will help you land speaking engagements. In this level, you become the professional business storyteller. Additional you will go home with simple tips on how to package your unique selling proposition in a way that will put you ahead of your competitors and make you stand out.

 Level Four - take me to the market - (6 hours)

This level is all about using your book to boost your income. We refine your public speakers’ profile; show you how to train your body and spoken language to appeal to your audiences. You learn how to monetise your voice and your book through creating exlusive events that will take your book to the market. You learn how to organize book reviews and to get booked for speaking engagements. You will know how to develop multiple income streams from your book and how to monetize each one of them to earn extra income.

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