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About "Africa for Smart Kids" Books Series

Africa was and still remains one of the continents in the world that we all think we know but which very few really know. It is a continent full of untold stories most of which will surprise or even shock you if you knew them.

Since 2015 we are living in the UN Decade of People of African Descend. For me, it is the perfect time to start telling untold stories of Africa and its people, especially to our children, who are not just our legacy, but also our next generation of people of African Descend. This book series is my contribution to both the UN year and the African Unions Agenda 2063.

The continent of Africa is a vast and extremely diverse. It is home to more than 1.2 billion inhabitants living in 54 independent countries. With a total area of over 30 million square kilometers, Africa is three-and-a-half times bigger than the USA and 10 times bigger than India. It is the second largest continent in the whole world after Asia.

The African continent stretches from the Mediterranean Sea in the north to the Cape of Good Hope in the south. It is the continent with the youngest population in the world and home of some of the fastest growing economies in the world today.

Although written for children, this book is for anybody, irrespective of their backgrounds, who for personal, educational, business or other reasons, feels the need to know Africa from a completely new perspective.

“These books will change your perception of Africa and its people forever!” (Beatrice Achaleke)

Technical details of the books

Page Count: Between 90 -106 pages each

Type: Color on Cream paper

Size: 6.0" x 9.0"

Language: English

Color- with colored pictures

Related Categories: Children / Africa/ history / geography /culture / Education / Legacy / Heritage / Identity


Africa for Smart Kids Book Book 1 Lets talk about Africa

Book 1: Let’s talk about Africa

ISBN-13: 978-1541210127

It is the United Nation’s International Decade for People of African Descent, so Nguisse and Atabong, two teenage children of an African mother and a European father, born and brought up in Europe decided to find out more about their origins in Africa. They meet their Cousin Prince Fuareke, a very smart and knowledgeable 16-year-old student, and an exciting conversation about Africa begins. What’s more, Mosquito Zangalo awaits you at the end of each chapter with a challenge to test your knowledge of the facts you have learned.

Discover Africa through another pair of eyes and listen to fascinating insights, facts and figures that will open your mind to a completely new Africa, a continent full of surprises!

"Let's talk about Africa" is Book 1 of our new “Africa for Smart Kids” series. Enjoy and watch out for Book 2.



 Africa for Smart Kids Book 2 Where is Africa

Book 2: Where is Africa?

ISBN-13: 978-1544075303

In this Book 2 of our “Africa for Smart Kids” series, our three storytellers provide you with many reasons why you should know about Africa today. They then take you to the different regions of this fascinating continent, tell you what Africa is number one in the world for … and much more. Come join our three teenagers and Mosquito Zangalo on another exciting journey through Africa, the continent where the future is happening. This Book 2 can be read as a continuation of Book 1 or independently. It is your next step in discovering the second largest continent in the world.

“I love this book and have no doubts that you will too” (Prince Fuareke, your Storyteller- in-Chief).

“I never knew talking about Africa could be this exciting. I can’t wait for book 3” (Atabong, your Chief Analyst).

“With every conversation, my pride and sense of identity as a young African-European girl grows daily” (Nguisse, your Chief Detective).



Africa for Smart Kids Book 3 Are all Africans Black

Book 3: Are all Africans black?

ISBN-13: 978-1544225029

Join our three teenagers, Atabong, Nguisse and Prince Fuareke along with Mosquito Zangalo on this third trip through Africa, as they unveil the diversity of the continent. Find out about life expectancy, ethnic groups, sexual orientation, people with disabilities, languages, black and white Africans and much more. Read with curiosity, ask your own questions and find your own answers. Enjoy and share with people you love.

“Not only is 'Africa for Smart Kids’ a must read, must keep and must share, but the book series also educates adults and not just (African) children. It is a series that aims to ignite conversations across generations, irrespective of skin colour, in Africa and in the diaspora, wherever they are in the world.” Pauline Felicia Baird Ph.D. (Guyana).



Book 4 3D cover

Book 4.1- Made in Africa – Airplanes and Automobiles

ISBN-13: 978-1545581391

Have you ever invented something in your life before? How much fun did you have inventing it? Did you know that young people in Africa invent airplanes, cars, mobile devices, and solar devices, Apps, windmills and much more?

Join Nguisse, Atabong, Prince Fuareke and Mosquito Zangalo in this book 4 and allow them to show you the Airplanes and Automobiles invented and or manufactured in Africa, which they think everyone needs to know today. You will be surprised how talented, ambitious and inspiring young people are in Africa today! Enjoy, be inspired and please share with the people you love, and remember to ask your own questions and find your own answers.


Book 5 3D cover

Book 5: What is colonization?

ISBN-13: 978-1548483012

What is colonization? Who were the colonialists? And how many were they? Why did they colonize Africa? What is a colony and what is an empire? How long did colonization last in Africa? Why did Africans need back their independence and do you know who fought to liberate Africa from the colonialists?

Join Nguisse, Atabong, Prince Fuareke and Mosquito Zangalo in this book 5 and find out the answers to these questions and much more. Enjoy, and please share with the people you love. Remember to ask your own questions and to find your own answers.


Book 6 3 D cover

Book 6 - What is enslavement?

ISBN-13: 978-1548483210

What is the difference between slavery and enslavement? Why were Africans captured and enslaved by the colonialists? How did captured Africans go from Africa to the Americas? What is the port of No Return? From which African countries were captured Africans shipped away? How did the enslaved Africans regain their freedom? Who are some of the people who fought for the liberation of enslaved Africans? Why should we celebrate every African who was forcefully taken away from the continent by the colonialists?

Join Nguisse, Atabong, Prince Fuareke and Mosquito Zangalo in this book 6 and find out the answers to these questions and much more. Enjoy, and please share with the people you love, and remember to always ask your own questions and find your own answers.


Shit happens

After 20 years in Europe, she opens her GloBUNTU Suitcase, takes her kids and moves to South Africa to pursue her new mission which is starting up the GloBUNTU Academy with the aim of sharing her exceptional experience and expertise to create a game-changing new narrative about Africa and the opportunities it has for Africans and global companies.  


Erfolgsfaktor kulturelle Vielfalt

Diversität ist der Menschen-Mix, in dem wir leben, eine Realität und unser größtes Gut. Das gilt für die ganze Gesellschaft genauso wie für jedes einzelne Unternehmen. In ihrem Buch versammelt die Autorin ihr gesammeltes Wissen und Ihre Erfahrungen zum Thema Diversity, angereichert mit zahlreichen Anekdoten und Zitaten aus jahrzehntelanger Beschäftigung mit dem Thema und der Rückschau auf ihre mittlerweile zu einer Institution gewordenen internationalen Diversitätkongressen. Interviews mit hochkarätigen Koryphäen des Bereichs aus Deutschland, Frankreich und Großbritannien ergänzen dieses Standardwerk zum Vielfalts-Management genauso wie der Meinungsaustausch mit drei österreichische Unternehmerinnen und Unternehmern, die selbst die besten Beispiele dafür abgeben, was es bedeutet Vielfalt als erfolgreiche Unternehmensstrategie zu nutzen. Insgesamt bietet Ihnen dieses Buch einen spannenden wie lehrreichen Einblick in das Thema Diversity-Management in Österreich und Europa.

Vielfalt statt Einfalt