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At Follow me to Africa, we strongly believe in the power of collective entrepreneurship. To suport this belief, we run a series of selected crowd-funding campaigns in support of entrepreneurship, business start-ups and selected social projects. Here are our ongoing compaigns for which we kindly invite you to join. Be part of a collective effort for change! 

Here is our current campaign

About this campaign - how it all began


End of July 2015 I took a radical decision to relocate to South Africa after 20 year living and working in Europe. If you have read my book Follow me to Africa, in an unspoken conversation with Nelson Mandela, you will know by know that Sh...t happened and Life in Europe become almost unbearable. So I left to redesign my life and start all over again in SA.

Over the last couple of months, I have been working intensively on redefining myself, settling down and building my Follow me to Africa business. In December I was getting ready to spend a very quite Christmas all by myself. Then a woman with her little boy needed my help and one thing let to the other. This campaign quickly became a necessity.

Anne and her little son

On December 16th Anne, (a young Kenyan journalist I met once a couple of days back) called and told me she was mostly likely going to lose her home, her husband had abandoned her with her 7 months old son for another women and refused to pick the rent for the home she was sharing with her little son. I recalled that a few months ago in Vienna shortly before Christmas 2015, I almost lost my home and would have landed on the cool streets with my two kids. I could imagine what Anne was going through at that moment. On December 18th Anne and her little boy moved in with me.


On December 20th, a friend called me and said she was with Ayanda, a young almost 21 years old South African girl I had I met three days back at the Miss Congo SA event. Ayanda has been thrown out of the home she was living in. Ayanda is a brilliant, fragile looking young woman with a very sad story that she has written and needs someone to publish for her. Ayanda does not know her father and has a no good relationship with her mother. From a very tender age she has to fend for herself. Since three years she has been living a nomad life, from one home to the next. She has been sexually abused more than once in her young life. Now she was homeless again. Her story went straight into my heart and opened some old wounds and I knew I just had to take her in. On December 20th Ayanda moved into my house with her few belongings. Gone was my quiet Christmas. We had a full house, three women of different generations, different nationalities, different stories, different experiences and a baby boy.  

Finding the way forward

It’s been more than one month that we have been sharing my home. Anne’s little boy is our sunshine. He fills the house life and knows how to keep each one of us busy for him. They have been days that we did not know how the next day would look like, but we laugh all the time. Today our little boy made his very first steps and we are so happy.

In-between we know each other much better. We have been working individually and collectively. Individually Ayanda the young passionate writer has finished her first book ''They Raped me, So Now What? which we shall release on the first week of May, 2016. Today Anne the passionate radio journalist completed a Follow me to Africa Globuntu Training Program for radio makers. Her intention is to gradually build a Radio for Follow me to Africa to raise awareness on issues affecting women while empowering them. Beatrice put together this campaign.

Our quick research shows that women’s groups in South Africa estimate that a woman is raped every 26 seconds- The police says a woman is raped every 36 seconds. Either way we think a woman should not even be raped.

Beatrice, Anne and Ayanda

Collectively we decide to launch the campaign “#Rape&sexualAbuseMustStop” to raise alarm on the high rate of rape and sexual abuse affecting women not just in South Africa but worldwide. We kindly invite you to join and to support our campaign. Your voice and support makes a great difference.

Current labor market statistics in South Africa shows that 3,677,561 black women between the ages of 15 and 34 are unemployed or not attending schools, universities or colleges. Meaning (49.1%) of the total population. Statistics show that child rape is still very present in South Africa. Women and girls below the age 34 are the most vulnerable to Rape and sexual abuse. Alone in 2015 43,195 cases of rape were reported by the police[1] While women’s groups in South Africa estimate that a woman is raped every 26 seconds, the police says a woman is raped every 36 seconds.

Either way we are of the opinion that no girl and no woman should even be raped.

Our GloBUNTU Solution

The GloBUNTU Healthy Food for Happy Minds Mobile Service - social business and therapy model for girls and women who have been exposed to rape and sexual abuse.

Based on above opinion, this social entrepreneurship business model is carefully designed based the GloBUNTU Mindset System Suitcase® principle of I Am BECAUSE You Are to enable empower women and girls who have had to experience rape and sexual abuse, to let go of their past trauma, reconcile with the past, heal and regain self-confidence, dignity, integrity and economic freedom through story-telling, story-writing, and creative cooking as a form of individual and collective therapy.

The immediate aims of this campaign are:

Anne - Home + GloBuntu Healthy Brunch

To help Anne and her two little boys (8 months and 9 years) find an affordable home of their own where they can live in dignity before winter starts in in South Africa. The GloBUNTU Healthy Food for Happy Minds business will give and occupation that will help her earn the income that will enable her not pay her rent, feed and send her boys to school but also to develop her Training Program for Radio Broadcasters as a second source of income for her and her two boys.

Ayanda - Book launch + GloBUNTU Healthy Brunch

To Launch Ayanda's book “They Raped Me, So Now What?” in May 2016 and help her develop her “Let go and heal coaching service for young girls like her. Revenue from he book and the GloBUNTU Healthy Food for Happy Minds business will enable her to secure a home of her own for the first time in her life and to pay her school fees. This activity will help her develop and income generating activities while helping others.

Anne Ayanda and Beatrice

In order to make all this happened we are launching the “GloBUNTU Healthy Brunch for happy minds, a Mobile delivery Service in offices during working hours starting from February 2016. Anne, Ayanda and Beatrice will prepare Kenyan, Zulu, Austrian and Cameroonian specialties at Beatrice’s home, package and deliver (sell) in offices in Johannesburg.

At the moment 5 offices have been identified with the first 20 customers ready to order the brunch regularly. We intend to use all our connections in the start to build a customer based of up to 50 people within the first three months.

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