The GloBUNTU Mindset System®

GloBUNTU Mindset System®

Inspired by the Ancient African Philosophy of Ubuntu, lived and thought by Nelson Mandela, Beatrice Achaleke developed the concept of GloBUNTU Mindset System® to help individuals and groups including businesses and organisations to effectively discover, value and tap into the individual and collective resources that diverse teams, customers and stakeholders bring to the table or to the market. The Ubuntu Philosophy is translated in the simple sentence "I am because you are”. The word Ubuntu in the Zulu language stands among others for humanness, interconnectedness, mindful collaboration, responsibility, respect, truth, solidarity, dignity etc., regardless of backgrounds.
The GloBUNTU Concept is a unique combination of African and other global management concepts in a way that help its audience gain more serenity, have more fun and develop a happy mind while at the same time being more effective in both their private and professional lives irrespective of what their task is. The GloBUNTU Mindset is smart, interactive, simple, holistic, extremely practical and allows generously for individual and collective growth.

The creative Visualisation exercises combined with selected affirmations enable its audience to cultivate healthy thoughts that ensure clarity, serenity effectiveness and fun in any given context. Our Audiences love the carefully selected exercises, structured inputs, the friendly and relaxed working atmosphere and good spirits generated at our GloBUNTU Workshop. Our four-weeks free follow-up actions. Help to remain focused and con track in achievement of their chosen goals.

At the end of every GloBUNTU session participants gain a better understanding of themselves, of their “I” and “WE” environments and how they can comfortably, happily and mindfully manage these to drive personal and collective transformation and growth.

The implementation method
Adopted from the African palaver setting, the method of the GloBUNTU Workshops is highly participatory consisting of a series short lectures, mini-case studies, role playing, storytelling and creative exercises including individual and group work 
GloBUNTU and Diversity and Leadership in Companies
The word "in company" means “in a association” or in a collection of individuals, of either natural persons, legal persons, or a mixture of both. In other words, not in isolation. Ideally company members share a common purpose, mission and a clearly defined goal. The GloBUNTU Mindset System® considers people in companies to be an interconnected collective of individuals. An enivronment that enables them to tap into their individual and collective talents, knowledge, skills experiences and backgrounds would mesurably help them achieve individual and collective goals faster and with less cost.
How we help companies
After a detailed analysis of your teams (individuals and collective), in combination with your company’s vision, mission and goals both at a short, mid and long term we tailor design a GloBUNTU Mindset System® to help you easily and effectively create an inclusive environment in the management of the diversity of your teams in the areas of recruitment, retention and talents management, customer acquisition and retention. This approach helps you groom healthy workplace, happy and satisfied employees, customers and stakeholders who intern bring in more return on investment. We transform the diverse backgrounds of your teams and customers into new markets and make you far ahead of your competitors.
How effective is the GloBUNTU Mindset System®?
The Life and leadership legacy of Nelson Mandela alone is a powerful testimony of the effectiveness of the Concept of UBUNTU.
Companies that have bought into this concept are seeing measurable results. Clients like AMS Wien and Niederösterreich as well
as BFI Kärten have repeated book for for our workshops. 
Here is some feedback
"I am totally infected by the GloBUNTU Virus, I am overwelhmed by the results and clarity we got in just one six hours workshop with Beatrice Achaleke" (Kurz Lasnig, director of BFI Kärnten/Austria)
Click here to see some photo impressions from our training sessions
GloBUNTU is a relatively new concept. Our proud and satisfied clients include the following companies, trainings institutions and Universities.