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“The greatest happiness in being alive lies in not breaking down at all, but in your readiness to transform your total breakdown into your absolute breakthrough. Get the ultimate happiness a thousand folds back when you use your experiences to inspire someone else’s breakthrough, individually or collectively, like nelson Mandela did” Beatrice Achaleke in Follow me to Africa, 2015.

 globluntu clowdWhy the GloBUNTU Academy is for Happy Minds? 

In July 2014 my series of collective breakdowns reached their height. In the mist of what I called my greatest desolations and tribulations I knew and my good friends affirmed that it was going to take a miracle to get me out of that total breakdown. In that mindset I set out looking for a miraculous solution, even though I strongly believed that there is no such thing like a miracle. While my brains kept warning me against the hopelessness of my situation and fuelling up the fire of my fears, something deep inside me insistently searched for a way out of what I called in my TEDx TALK "Shit happened".

Did you ever ask yourself the question why a gentleman who grows up in a system that gave him every reason to hate, play the victim, be bitter, and revengeful choose to stand up for the truth, reconciliation, forgiveness, healing and happiness?

foto mandelaAnd then it happened! I found the key that opened a door to the one person who became the inspiration behind this academy. He is a guy whose series of breakdowns made mine look like an ant in front of a mountain. But whose breakthroughs have no examples simply because, unlike me he knew how to systematically transform his breakdowns not only into his personal, but into collective breakthrough for his people, his country, his continent and the world. Even though he had the potential to use his personal breakdowns to generate the collective breakdown of the whole world, he chose to take the audacity to transform that potential into a gift of happiness and source of inspiration for people like you and I and the world. He is the absolute breakdowns to breakthroughs president. He is my, and the world’s true icon of happiness!

The person I am referring to, my absolute source of inspiration is Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and his gift to you and me; – his unconditional happiness legacy!

The GloBUNTU Academy for Happy Minds as the names says is a place for people, who after an experience, or an incidence, a breakdown in their lives are determined to reclaim their happiness no matter what.

through dirty to lightOur target Audience

The GAHM is the place for people who

  • have had gone through a breakdown that completely transformed their lives and they want to share with others.
  • are still in their breakdown and are looking for a transformation that will help them breakthrough.
  • want to know how to best avoid a breakdown by learning from those who have been there.

At the GAHM we share those total breakdowns that lead to absolute breakthroughs in life

It is about people who have been on a long and rough journey of self-redefinition, self-mastery, and re-birth that led to emotional, financial, and or spiritual growth.

The place where we transform individual breakdowns into collective breakthroughs

The GAHM is a place for people with real and rich life experiences with real and powerful stories to share

Our teachers are authentic, powerful, transformational, captivating and full of wisdom and inspiration, no wonder, they know what they are talking about.

Our stories will make you laugh, then cry, shout, and then laugh and cry again.

They will make you sigh, even angry, thoughtful, and proud at the same time and above all, they will make you grow in every sense.

narrow mindsWhat we do - We put your happiness on the agenda

True to the spirit of Nelson Mandela:

  • we choose to make your individual breakdown our collective issue for happiness
  • we use the UBUNTU philosophy to face the truth about our breakdowns, reconcile with things and people that are holding us down and allow healing to take place so we can breakthrough like Nelson Mandela did
  • with the GloBUNTU Mindset system Suitcase we help you clean up the mess of the past, reset your future goals and reprogram your mindset in a way that will make you breakthrough like Mandela
  • we tap into real life experiences and best practices on burning issues in the rightful context to inspire you and trigger your happiness
  • we bring together teachers who have learned how to be happy with learners wanting to learn how to be happy

You come in sad and lonely and leave as part of a happy collective.

Our ultimate goal is your individual and our collective happiness.

Our mission

Transform your total breakdown, be it emotional, financial, spiritual or something else, into your absolute breakthrough in a way that will bring the smile back into your face, like that of Nelson Mandela.

Globuntu trainingWhat you get from us - we give you back your happiness

Individualised support and tools, tailor cut to meet your very personal needs and resources. We will walk the rough journey with you. We commit to take you from where you are to where you are destined to be. We will get you back on your feet, stronger and happier then before. We will see you through the rain with a happy smile back on your face. We will make you do the things you thought you will never do again!

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