About The GloBUNTU Mindset System®

GloBUNTU Mindset System®

Inspired by the Ancient African Philosophy of Ubuntu, lived and thought by the late Nelson Mandela, Beatrice Achaleke developed the concept of GloBUNTU Mindset System® to help individuals, companies and organisations like businesses, Not for profit organisations and educational institutions effectively discover, value and tap into the individual and collective resources that diverse teams, customers and stakeholders bring to the table or to the market. The UBUNTU Philosophy is translated in the simple sentence "I am because you are”. The word Ubuntu in the Zulu language stands for humanness, interconnectedness, mindful collaboration, responsibility, respect, truth, solidarity, dignity etc., regardless of backgrounds. The UBUNTU Philosophy exist is many if not all African countries in many different names. However having the same meaning.

foto mandelaThe GloBUNTU Concept is a unique combination of African and other global management concepts in a way that help its audience gain more serenity, have more fun and develop a happy mind while at the same time being more effective in both their private and professional lives irrespective of what their task is. The GloBUNTU Mindset is smart, interactive, simple, holistic, extremely practical and allows generous collective and individual growth.

The creative Visualisation exercises combined with selected affirmations enables its audience to cultivate healthy thoughts that ensure clarity, serenity effectiveness and fun in any given context. Our Audiences love the carefully selected exercises, structured inputs, the friendly and relaxed working atmosphere and good spirits generated at our GloBUNTU Workshop. Our four-weeks free follow-up actions help to remain focused in achieving their chosen goals.

globuntu circleAt the end of every GloBUNTU session participants gain a better understanding of themselves, of their “I” and “WE” environments and how they can comfortably, happily and mindfully manage these to drive personal and collective transformation and growth.

The structure of the GloBUNTU Mindset System®
True to the African philosophy of UBUNTU (I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE), the GloBUNTU Mindset System Suitcase is structured in the following three levels:

Globuntu levels 

I am - This is all about YOU!

Principle: We believe that YOU are more effective when YOU know who YOU really are.

This level is all about you from different perspectives from the following areas of your life: health, wealth, relationships, spirituality and well-being. Our carefully designed exercises enable you to unveil the lies that you tell yourself, boost your self-confidence, unlock resources, create time, learn how to overcome obstacles, set your goals, find time to implement your goals for things that really matter, define your big picture, and get you into the mindset of a happy successful winning woman. In just 6 hours we completely clean up your suitcase, define your non-negotiable, unveil your time killers, unveil and discover cheerleaders, power houses and much more. At the end of this level, you will have completely re-design your life in the areas measured above.

ams3 w800 h800We AreThis is all about YOUR interconnectedness!

Principle: We are who we are because of the people we attract into our space or not

This level is all about dynamics of your interconnectedness (private, social, proffessional, ethnic, geographical....) Our GloBUNTU relationship excercises enable you to effectively undersatnd the different levels and impact of interconnectedness when it comes to defining, realising, measuring and amplifying your goals. At the end of this level, you know and understand how to effectively use your interconnectedness to help you successfully realise your goals in your private and professional life.

Globuntu I am because You areI Am BECAUSE We Are - This is all about how YOU manage your relationships or your interconnectedness in order to achieve your goals.

Principle: The way you build and manage YOUR relationships determines how successful you are.

Your ability to build and manage winning relationships demands an excellent communication skill, absolute responsiblity, proactive accountability, transparency and much more. In this level, you learn how to effectively and easily manage your relationships using our carefully designed “Relationship Bank Account” exercise and many other simple tips and tools.

The implementation method

Adopted from the African palaver setting, the method of the GloBUNTU Workshops is highly participatory consisting of a series short lectures, mini-case studies, role playing, storytelling and creative exercises including individual and group work.

Globuntu target audienceOur target audience
Our target audiences include Individuals, organisations, institutions and companies.

Our work with individuals, we give special attention to women and young girls, irrespective of social status. We work with women in middle and top management, working and business mums, single mums and enterpreneurs. Click here to find out how we are serving you as an individual

Our work in companies includes Diversity, Leadership and Inclusion Management, team development, empowerment and career development, change management and organisational development. Click here to find out how we work with companies and organisations

We are excited and can’t wait to serve you. 

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GloBUNTU is a relatively new concept. Some of our proud and satisfied clients include the following companies, organisations, training institutions and Universities.