GloBUNTU Workshops

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Our GloBUNTU Workshops

We offer special workshops, training, coaching and mentorship programs based on the GloBUNTU Mindset System® to a selected group of individuals, companies and organizations. Our Workshops have a unique blend of African and global concepts in 3 levels.

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Workshop one

 I am - The is all about YOU! Principle: We believe that you are more effective when you know who you really are

This level is all about you from different perspectives from the following areas of your life: health, wealth, relationships, spirituality and well-being. Our careful designed exercises enable you to unveil the lies that you tell yourself, boost your self-confidence, unlock resources, create time, learn how to overcome obstacles, set your goals, find time to implement your goals for things that really matter, define your big picture, and get you into the mindset of a happy successful winning woman. In just 6 hours we completely clean up your suitcase, define your non-negotioables, unveil your time killers, unveil and discover cheerleaders, power houses and much more. At the end of this level, you will have completely re-design your life in the areas measured above.

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 Workshop two

We AreThis level is about your interconnectedness! Principle: We are who we are because of the people we have in our lives or not

This level is all about dynamics of your interconnectedness (private, social, professional, ethnic, geographical....) Our GloBUNTU relationship exercises enable you to effectively undersatnd the different levels and impact of interconnectedness when it comes to defining, realising, measuring and amplify your goals. At the end of this level, you know and understand how to effectively use your interconnectedness to help you successfully realise your goals in your private and professional life.

Globuntu training AK WienWorkshop three

I Am BECAUSE We Are - This is all about how YOU manage your relationships to achieve your goals. Principle: The way you build and manage YOUR relationships determines how successful you are.

Your ability to manage your relationships like a winner demands an excellent communication skills, absolute responsiblity, proactive accountability and much more. In this level, you learn how to effectively and easily manage your relationships using our carefully designed “Relationship Bank Account” exercise and many other simple tips and tools.

Ak9 w800 h800Our target audience

The target audiences of the GloBUNTU Mindset Systems® include Individuals, organisations, and companies.

Our work with individuals, we give special attention to women and young girls, irrespective of social status. We work with women in middle and top management, working and business mums, single moms and entrepreneurs. Click here to find out how we are serving you as an individual

Our work in companies includes Diversity and inclusion management, team development, empowerment and career development, change management and organisational development. Click here to find out how we work with companies and organisations

 We are excited and can’t wait to serve you.