The GloBUNTU Travel Experience

Be our guest, see and experience Africa through our eyes

Sometimes you just need to unapologetically give yourself the permission to break out of your daily routine, to dare a radical experience. Especially then when it seems most impossible. I know this from my own experience a few months ago I defied all odds, gave up everything I possessed, took two suitcases and relocated from Vienna, a place that had been home for me and my two kids for the last twenty years to Johannesburg, a completely new space, and culture. Since then, I know how life changing and enriching it is to just allow yourself to step out of your routine and so-called comfort zone. If you are ready we are happy to assist you to make the right choices that will give you an unforgettable experience. Click here to find out more about our partner Heia Safari

Our packages include:

Out of the box holidays for you and your family or friends

You and your friends want to travel, see and experience Africa from a completely new perspective, you want to stay with families, visit places and meet people, get new insight, taste African food and make new friends. Do You want to be a guest, not tourists? Then this is the right package for you. Click to see how we can serve you.

Business meetings and conferences the other way round

You want to escape the daily routine and to host your business meeting in a completely new environment? You are in the right space! My team and I have an impressive track record of  many years of global expertise and experience from many years of living and working in Africa, Europe, and across cultures in event planning and management. We and our experiences  are here for you. Combining business, leadership, innovation, new markets with a great portion of fun embedded in the global & African way of living and doing business. Send us an Email to request your individual offer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Internships and Learning Travels for fearlessly ambitious young people

You want to spend sometime learning from and sharing your knowledge with an African organisation or company? You want to combine work or schooling with holidays? Are you looking for a completely new experience before you get engulfed by the work world? Well, we know and understand how you feel and have thought ahead of you. Click here for to find out how we can best serve you.

Cultural Memory and Empowerment Travels for People of African Descent Abroad

You are of African heritage who was born and or grew up outside of Africa and want to know where your parents came from? You are an African but have been living for many years out of the continent and want to touch base with your roots. You are tired of beeing constantly seen and treated like an immigrant just because your parents are of African origin? You know so little about your African heritage and think it is NOW or NEVER? You want to see Africa but not as a tourist? Wonderful, we know how you feel and have put together a very special offer for you. Click here to find out we can serve you