Homecomer and Immigrant Entrepreneur Conference & Awards

Homecomer and Immigrant Entrepreneur Conference and Awards

Johannesburg, October 27th-28th 2016 

 About this conference

"Supporting the political and economic stabilisation of all our neighbours. We must support the regulated and gradual easing of movement until we achieve full and free movement. As a regional and continental power, South Africa must lead in this regard". (Malusi Gigaba, South African Minister of Home Affairs)

Given the current global migration and refugee crisis, it is no secret that South Africa, like many countries in Africa, Europe and other parts of the world today continues to be a destination for refugees and migrants in search for better economic and social opportunities. However, ongoing discussions and debates about them have paid little or no attention on the role they play in the economic development and wellbeing of both their hosts and countries of origin through their entrepreneurship activities. With the current migration crisis in Europe, many Africans in the Diaspora are seeing the need to come back to the continent. 

It is time to unveil and showcase, recognise and celebrate the global economic contribution of Homecomers and Immigrants both in their host and countries of origin. 

It’s time to honor and celebrate their contribution. Join Beatrice Achaleke and Mckevin Ayaba as we discuss these issues in its 1st international Homecomer and Immigrant Entrepreneurship Conference and Awards in Johannesburg from October 27th-28th 2016. This conference is an initiative of Follow Me To Africa.


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