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Write & Tell to Make Money Master Class for Women

No pre-writing experiences required

Do you have an untold story in you that is shouting to be released? Did you know that your story can actually pay your bills, put food on the table and take you on vacation? If you want to know more, join our limited and very exclusive master class today! Africa as a whole is a continent with a very rich diversity of oral narratives. Post-Apartheid South Africa, in particular, is home for so many untold heroic stories, many of which have the power to transform the lives of both the teller and their audiences while boosting cash flow and changing lives.

About this class

This master class is carefully designed to unveil your powerful story, mentor and inspire you on how to write, publish, and sell your story in a way that brings you money. You come with the idea and the desire, I coach you on your writing process, then publish your book or show you how to publish it and coach you on how to make your story your unique selling proposition, meaning we train you on how to take your book to your audience in a way that brings you the money you need.

In this exclusive class, I use the GloBUNTU Suitcase Mindset System to help you find and write your story in three steps, create a global market for you and your story in a way that brings you money while you impact yourself and your readers. This class takes you from just having an idea into becoming a successful author with a new income stream. Just getting into this class is a game-change for you in any way. We make your story bring you the money you need. 

What you learn from this class:

This is more than just another writing class. Its holistic approach based on many years of expertise and experience as a (single) mother, university lecturer, corporate and executive training, global and high profile event management, accomplished author and multiple awards winning serial “transfopreneur” with deep knowledge of and access to global markets will give you lots of insights and provide you with many new skills and tips that will change your life in many anyways. By the time you finish this class you will be a completely transformed person in many ways. This includes

  • Becoming a successful author of your own book in your hands
  • You will be an authentic, self-confident professional storyteller with unique selling proposition
  • You will know how to efficiently and easily manage self and your private and professional life as a successful writer
  • Your will know so much more about who you can truly become and how to go for it
  • You will know how to use your story to kick-start your career, business or just take it to the next level.
  • You may even find sources of finances for your businesses

The mythology of the class: Classes come in a powerful combination of lectures, coaching, training and mentoring covering many exercises that include research, writing, presenting, speaking, life and relationship management.  

Where: I am very flexible. Some classes are offered on a one on one basis, others in a group and at a space of your choices be it on your business premises or at your favorite retreat center.

The most important thing is that the atmosphere is intimate, safe, supporting, and takes care of individual and collective needs.

I also offer exclusive weekend intensive retreat classes in my very private space in a very quiet, safe, clean and creative space in Northcliff. Accommodation in a single room with access to a bathroom, garden, kitchen, living room, garage and some homemade Austrian/Cameroonian delicacies. This comes with an extra charge for accommodation. This offer is very exclusive and only available for two women and only on weekends accept otherwise arranged.

Target audience

  • Women in senior corporate leadership positions and or businesses
  • Spiritual leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Working mothers
  • Women in the entertainment industry

This offer is also available for young women between the ages of 12 and 17

Structure of the class:

Four levels

1. Know yourself & your story

2. Write and own your story

3. Make your story your business

4. Take your story to the market

Total worth of classes: R9900 per level meaning 39900 for all 4 levels

Installment payment options available.

Exclusive offers for bookings in December

Benefit from Beatrice Achaleke limited giving back scholarship

Get all four levels and pay only for one

Safe R29 700

Offer available until Jan. 20th

Master Class for Women

Why Women?

Women by nature of their gender are stories makers, educators and hidden “sheroes” whose stories are quite often not told. Helping them to tell their stories or that of their families and or communities can be very liberating, healing and reconciling, with themselves and their family and social environment. This FMTA program for women is the powerful contribution to dealing with the past and linking generations to building the future.

Having women tell or write their story is very empowering, inspiring, transformational and educating for many people in and out of Africa. It can make a whole world of a difference for generations and cultures.

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